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Conservatory boxed gutters

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Conservatory boxed gutters

Box gutters create a sealed guttering between a conservatory and the adjoining house. They are designed to catch and drain away the rainwater that falls between the walls – and are found generally on pitched roof conservatories.

There are a number of reasons why box gutters leak: –

• Poorly installed gutter
• Insufficient cover of flashings
• Joints breaking down
• Water ingress under house tiles

From inside the conservatory if you look where it meets the house wall you will notice a long box section either made from upvc cladding or plywood if it is a timber framed conservatory.

When a box gutter leaks it can be from either end or the middle, and water can run along its length dripping onto the floor.

A conservatory box gutter leaking can be very destructive on walls and plaster walls.

In order to do a proper repair on a box gutter, certain roof panels need to be removed to gain access to the gutter.


Types of repair for a box gutter that don’t work

Painting a grey liquid water proofer as favored by most roofers is an easy fix for them – but this repair never lasts more than a year. Don’t waste your money!

So, if you want a professional repair that will last for many years give us a call

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