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A leaking conservatory roof

Can be an annoyance

…and if left can ruin walls, flooring and furnishings.

Some conservatory roofs leak from one area while others may leak in multiple places such as between the panels or below skylights

Another common area is where the conservatory joins the house – such as a box gutter or the flashings. Slipped conservatory roof panels is another area where water can enter.

A conservatory repair when done properly will last over 15yrs, there is no need to replace your conservatory roof when such isolated issues arise.

Boxed Gutter Repair
Muntin Bar and Gutter repairs
Slipped Panel Repair
Slipped Panel beneath Skylight

The most common conservatory repairs are:

Conservatory slipped roof panels repairs

Slipped Roof Panels

One of the main reasons why leaks occur in conservatory roofs is because of slipped panels – when the roof panel slips it…

Conservatory leaking skylights repairs

Leaking Skylights

Leaking skylights and roof vents can leak from the top or the bottom, call us today and your skylight will leak no more…

Conservatory box gutters repair

Box Gutters

Box gutters create a sealed guttering between a conservatory and the adjoining house. They are designed to catch and drain away the rainwater that falls between the walls…

Conservatory valley gutters repair

Valley Gutters

When two opposite pitch roofs meet a valley gutter is required to take the water off the roof and drain. On wooden conservatories these are normally…

Conservatory mutin bars repair

Muntin Bars

When the glass roof panels are over a certain length on a conservatory roof, they are usually installed in two halves. Because of transporting them and lifting…

It can be difficult sometimes to know who to choose to repair your conservatory, there are plenty of so-called experts out there. Such as general roofers trying to make a bit of cash on the side, through to window repair people and handymen.

Conservatory Repairs Surrey

So often we are called in to resolve a continuing leak from a conservatory roof after “repairs “have already been carried out by these non-specialist companies – If you want your conservatory repair to last a long time the right method of repair and materials must be used – or else you are just wasting your money on a repair that will usually last 6 months to a year.

As you can see from our website all we do is fix conservatory roofs.

The majority of our business comes from recommendations and through our conservatory repairs website. We guarantee all our work and are fully insured for your peace of mind.

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